Media, Technology, and Society

When was “Victorian Internet” invented? What do nuclear weapons have to do with Snapchat? And how does disco music explain animated GIFs? In this course, students learn the answers to these and many other questions to do with the co-construction of social life and media technologies. See the syllabus.

Video Games: Culture and Industry

Electronic games are not only a major industry, but also a powerful cultural form. In this class, students explore the historical and cultural roots of electronic games, the present industry landscape, and the ways in which these games are changing our experience of identity, communication, power, and everyday life. See the syllabus.

Cultural Capital: Media & Arts in NYC

How did New York City become such a focal point for the creative industries? What goes on behind-the-scenes? This course explores the multi-faceted nature of New York City as a cultural and economic hub for media and the arts, arguably the cultural capital of the world. See the syllabus.



Courses Assisted — New York University/American University in Paris

Cultural Globalization in France (Summer 2013, Rodney Benson/John Downing)

Memory and Visual Culture (Summer 2013, Marita Sturken/Charles Talcott)

Politics And Economics Of Global Media (Summer 2010, John Downing/Mark Crispin Miller)

Media, Religion And Globalization (Summer 2010, Wadick Doyle/Arvind Rajagopal)

Courses Assisted — New York University

Introduction to Media Studies (Fall 2009 & Fall 2010, Victor Pickard)

History of Media and Communication (Spring 2010, Lisa Gitelman)

Courses Assisted — University of Toronto

20th Century American Diplomacy (Fall/Spring 2007-2008, Carol Chin)